We Estimate That You Have a Blend of D, S, and C Traits!

You can be dominant, determined, supportive, shy, cautious, or calculating.

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We can't tell from this assessment which trait is primary for you. It does look like you have a pretty good mix of three styles: D, S, and C.

In fact, it might be more accurate to say that you're not inspiring and interactive. (We're not saying that you can't be inspiring and interactive, just that these traits are much lower for you than the other DISC traits.)

Since you seem to have three "high" styles, it's tough to say from this assessment what your strongest drive is. Sometimes you might like to take charge. Other times you might like to let others take the lead and support them. Other times, you might like to analyze and evaluate before making a decision.

We're guessing that you are often comfortable speaking your mind. You can probably be pretty direct and factual. You may also be kind, caring, and sensitive to others. Which trait comes to the surface may depend a great deal on the situation.

These are all great attributes. Remember, though, that sometimes you need to lighten-up and have some fun.

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